Personal Branding Statement Examples.

1/ I am an optimistic, thoughtful, and responsive person who loves to find ways to inspire and engage others. As a great connector, I tune in, listen to, and care about what people have to say to be able to help them succeed in work and life.

2/ I am a detail-oriented, logical and curious person who loves to solve problems and challenges to improve results. As a team player and athlete, I work as I train – to win, to succeed and be the best.

3/ I am a confident, take-charge and goal-driven person who loves to achieve great results. As a competitive and driven manager, I focus on making a measurable difference.

4/ I am a creative, dynamic and result-oriented person who loves to inspire people to discover, develop and live what great in them. As a process-minded educator, I build easy to use tools to help people succeed in work and live.

5/ I am an analytical, logical and clever person who loves to make the complicated simple. As an action-oriented scientist, I translate big science into practical and usable information for all.

6/ I am a fun-loving, playful and upbeat person who loves bringing people together. As a high-energy and intuitive entertainer, I get people to relax and find the fun in life.

7/ I am a thoughtful, kind and accepting person who focuses on seeing the good in everyone. As a responsible and caring medical professional, I focus on healing patients’ hearts as well as their bodies.

8/ I am a loyal, dependable and reliable person who makes the efforts to get along with everyone. As a passionate team player, I constantly encourage and support others to do their best and make their difference.

9/ I am a confident, courageous and assertive person who loves to do deals and make money. As a strategic entrepreneur, I search out opportunities to invent value and grow results.

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