Simon Sinek - 4 Awesome Rules to be a Great Leader

Simon Sinek - 4 Awesome Rules to be a Great Leader
    Simon Sinek

    Rule number One: Go after the things that you want

    There are two ways to see the world, Some people see the things that they want, and some people see 
    .The things that prevent them from getting the things that they want. 

    .You can go after whatever you want, you just cannot deny anyone else to go after they want
    You do not have to do it the way everybody else have done it, you can do it your way, you can break the rules. The most important thing, is to go after what you want, go creative, go after your dreams, until you achieve it

    How many times you blame everything around you for not achieving your dreams, and you never blame yourself for not achieving your dreams!

    Rule number Two: Sometimes you are the problem

    So, the lesson here is “take accountability for your actions “. You can take all the credit in the world for the things you do right, as long as you also take responsibility for the things you do wrong. It must be a balance equation, you do not take it one way and not the others. 

    Rule number Three: Take care of each other

    One day, one of the United States Navy Seals was asked “who makes it through the selection process, who is able to become a seal?” 

    And his answer was: I cannot tell you the kind of person that becomes a seal, I cannot tell you the kind of person who makes it through buds. But I can tell you the kind of people that do not become a seal. 

    - The guys who show up with a huge bulging muscles who want to prove to the world how tough they are, none of them make it through.

    - The preening leaders who like to delegate all their responsibilities and never do anything themselves, none of them make it through.

    - The star college athletes who have never been tested to the core of their begin, none of them make it through.

    But some of the guys that make it through are skinny and scrawny. However, all the guys that make it through, when they find themselves physically spent, emotionally spent, when they have nothing left to give physically or emotionally, somehow, someway there are able to find the energy to help the person next to them, they become seals.

    If you want to be an elite warrior, it is not about how tough you are, it is not about how smart you are, it is not about how fast you are. If you want to be an elite warrior, you better get really good at helping the person to the lest of you, and helping the person to the right of you. Because that is how people advanced in the world

    If you find your spark, you have to know who you are going to ask for help, and when you are going to accept help when it is offered. Learn that skill, learn by practicing helping each other.

    The amazing thing is when you learn to ask for help, you will discover that there are lots of people all around you who have always wanted to help you, they just did not think you needed it because you are kept pretending that you have everything under control.

    And in the minute you say “ I do not know what I am doing, I am stuck and scared, you will find lots of people who love you will rush in and take care of you. But that will only happen, if you learn to take care of them first.

    Rule number Four: Be the last to speak

    Nelson Mandela is a particularly special case study in the leadership world, because he is universally regarded as a great leader. 

    He was asked one day “ how did you learn to be a great leader?” 

    He responded, that he would go with his father to tribal meetings and he remembers two things when his father would meet with other elders, one they would always set in a circle, two, his father was always the last to speak.

    You would be told your whole life that you need to learn to listen! I would say that you need to learn to be the last to speak. The skill to hold your opinions to yourself until everyone has spoken does two things:
    • - It gives everybody else the feeling that they have been heard and contributed.
    • - You get the benefit of hearing what everybody else has to think before you render your opinion.

    Simply set there take it all in and the only thing you are allowed to do is asking questions, so you can understand what they mean and why they have the opinion that they have not just what they are saying, at the end you will get your turn, it sounds easy, it is not!

    Practice being the Last to speak, that is what Nelson Mandela did.
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